The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Apple’s best-selling gadget to date, this is the iPhone 4S. This is also their best iPhone to date. So is this just an upgrade of their 4th generation iPhone? This is a question that not many can answer. Well of course, this is unless you own both handsets. But let me spare you from buying both handsets and just allow me to tell you the differences between the two iPhone handsets.

Both of the handsets are alike when it comes to their outer appearance. For one, the 4S comes with Siri. This is Apple’s Virtual and Personal Assistant. There is also the difference in Cameras. One comes in with 5MP still camera, while the other comes in with an 8MP camera. iphone 11 pro

There is also a big difference when it comes to their processors. You will now enjoy twice the speed with the iPhone 4S. This is as far as downloads and processing are concerned.

The external hardware of the 4S is not that different from the 4th generation iPhone, but there are minor changes if you look at both handsets closely. The 4S incorporated the updated external antenna design. It now have 4 symmetrically placed breaks as opposed to 3 breaks in the stainless steel (middle band) of the phone. With the new antenna design, you will feel more at ease when holding the 4S. If you look closely at the Apple iPhone 4S, you will notice a couple of physical hardware changes. One of these is the redesigned home button.

Overall, the big difference lies inside the latest iPhone. If you find the 4th generation iPhone to be super fast, then wait until you try the 4S. It will truly amaze you with its power and speed. You can now open apps instantly and you will also experience smoother and faster web browsing with this phone. When it comes to gaming, the same is noticed. Performance wise, both phones are not really the same. The latter was fast, but the latest model is way faster.

You may feel bad about Apple not coming out with the expected iPhone 5. But the thing is, this is an upgrade that caught you off-guard. It may look the same as its predecessor, but when it comes to the phone’s internals, a lot of things have changed. The phone also changed for the good.

As you can see, there many things that you will find enjoyable on the latest iPhone model. You may not be pleased with the same old design (as the iPhone 4), but it is the best-selling iPhone to date. It is also the best iPhone to date.

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