Don’t Hire a Concrete Contractor Before You Read This!

Making a decision on a concrete company is not always an easy one. There’s are a lot of information you are going to to need to make an educated choice.

For example:

* How do they come recommended to me?
* How long have they been in business?
* Are they licensed,bonded and insured in the city I live in? concrete driveways sydney
* Can I see previous work they’ve done
* What type of mix are the going to use
* Do they warranty their work if so, for how long.

As an owner of a concrete company and a tradesman of over 18 years in Ohio, these are some of the basic questions that I feel need to be answered before you make your decision.

I suggest receiving at least three estimate from companies in your area. Referred to you by a trusted source is even better. They must be licensed,bonded and insured and give references upon your request.

When comparing the estimates it is important to pay attention to the type of mix you are being quoted.

Depending on your area and whether you are in need of interior or exterior concrete the mix should be adjusted accordingly.

In Ohio, Exterior mix, such as driveways, patios porches should be no less than 6.5 sack or 4000psi. Interior concrete no less than 6 sack or 3000psi. Concrete helps to beautify our homes and whether it’s to park our vehicle on or to put our outside furniture on it lasts a long time. Choose your contractor wisely. I hope this information helps you.


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