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A land of olive groves, the island of Mallorca remains a jewel in the Mediterranean with its aquamarine sea, secluded coves and jagged cliffs. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands off the east coast of Spain, rich in culture, traditions and history dating back to 4000 BC.

Renowned for its tranquil ambience and wonderful climate, it is the perfect place to escape and relax, even for the weekend, as the flying time from the UK is only two hours.

Mallorca has long been associated with artists, writers and musicians, including Miro, Picasso, Robert Graves, Chopin and his partner George Sand. It is said to be a place of great inspiration for the many who choose to come and settle here. Today, the island is the second home for luminaries such as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Schumacher and Claudia Schiffer plus many others who are regular visitors including Gwyneth Paltrow, Bob Geldof, Dustin Hoffman and President Clinton.

The history of the island goes back as far as 4000 BC where the oldest traces of human life have been discovered. There are remains of pre-Talaiotic settlements, Roman amphitheatres, Arab baths, isolated hilltop monasteries and Palma is home to Spain’s finest gothic cathedral.

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